Stallings Simple Stamped


from David Anderson's Stallings Type Descriptions

Sorting Criteria

Exterior surface stamped with both "v" and "u" shaped impressions, typically applied parallel to each other, and somewhat carelessly; cross-stamping infrequent. Fiber vesicules throughout the paste, typically visible on both the interior and exterior vessel surface regardless of the extent of smoothing. May be confused with Thom's Creek Simple Stamped, which may have incidental fiber inclusions, or exterior fiber-like impressions resulting from placement of the wet vessel on plant materials prior to firing. 


Poorly documented. Found throughout the Coastal Plain, Fall Line, and lower Piedmont of eastern Georgia, South Carolina, and southeastern North Carolina. Rare but still occasionally noted beyond these areas.

Chronological Position

Late Archaic period, Stallings and Thom's Creek Phases (ca. 2500BC-1000BC).

Primary References

Sassaman (1993).