Uwharrie Net Impressed

from Jane Eastman's Type Description


(See Background discussion for Uwharrie series)

Sorting Criteria

The exterior surface of Uwharrie Net Impressed pottery has been textured by pressing coarse knotted nets into the wet clay. Often the net impressions are very clear and the space between knots varies from 4 and 6 mm, though nets are sometimes bunched and impressions unclear. After the exterior surface was textured in this manner the surface was often scraped or brushed, especially the area above the vessel shoulder. Sometimes a thin layer of moist clay was applied to the textured exterior surface before it was scraped.

Chronological Position

AD 500-1200. Nine radiocarbon dates associated with Uwharrie series pottery have been collected. Four of these dates fall within the AD 1000 to 1200 range, while three dates from the Yadkin River drainage fall between AD 1400 and 1600 (see 1994).


Uwharrie ceramics are found throughout the North Carolina Piedmont and into South Carolina including the Dan River, Yadkin, Catawba, Broad, Haw, and Eno drainages. The series, defined for southwestern Virginia, is comparable to the Uwharrie series. Uwharrie Net Impressed sherds are the most common type in the series, accounting for between 50 and 90 percent of collections.

Primary References

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