Uwharrie Plain


(See discussion for Uwharrie series) Fragments of a hemispherical bowl with smoothed exterior and interior surfaces was recovered from the surface of the Uwharrie site type site for the series. These sherds share paste characteristics with other Uwharrie Net Impressed and Cord Marked sherds from the site and are thought to be part of the same ceramic tradition, however this vessel is the only example of a bowl form within the Uwharrie assemblages examined. Sherds with plain exterior surfaces usually account for a small percentage of pottery assemblages from Uwharrie phase sites. No large Uwharrie Plain vessel sections were recovered from the Upper Saratown Locality.

Sorting Criteria

Plain surface finish with smoothed exterior and interior surfaces (See Sorting Criteria for Uwharrie series).

Chronological Position

AD 500-1200. Nine radiocarbon dates associated with Uwharrie series pottery have been collected. Four of these dates fall within the AD1000 to 1200 range, while three dates from the Yadkin River drainage fall between AD 1400 and 1600 (see 1994).


Uwharrie ceramics are found throughout the North Carolina Piedmont and into South Carolina including the Dan River, Yadkin, Catawba, Broad, Haw, and Eno drainages. The series, defined for southwestern Virginia, is comparable to the Uwharrie series.


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(Type Description: Jane Eastman)