Connestee Simple Stamped

from David Anderson's (1996) type description


Traditionally thought to date to the Middle Woodland period, and extending no later than ca. AD 500 or so, recent dating indicates the ware extends through the Late Woodland period in western North Carolina, to ca. AD 1000. Along the upper Savannah River, Connestee and Cartersville-like plain, brushed, and simple stamped assemblages have been dated to between AD 400 and 1100. Late Woodland groups in the western Carolinas appear to have employed ceramics characterized by plain, simple stamped, and brushed ceramics traditionally subsumed within the Cartersville and Connestee series. Some overlap of Swift Creek materials with these series is also indicated, both in the upper Savannah River and elsewhere in north Georgia.

Sorting Criteria

Simple stamping with parallel or cross "v" shaped impressions.


Western Piedmont South Carolina and the mountainous area of western North Carolina.

Chronological Position

Middle and Late Woodland Periods (AD 200-1000).


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