Deptford Linear Check Stamped / Fabric Impressed

from David Anderson's Type Description


The type is extremely rare in the Deptford series. Three sherds with a linear check stamped/fabric impressed finish were found at Mattassee Lake (Anderson et al. 1982: 280, 283). The co-occurrence of the two finishes on the same vessel unequivocally documents their contemporaneity.

Sorting Criteria

Design consisting of discrete areas of linear check stamping and fabric impressions on the same vessel. May be confused with Deptford Linear Check Stamped, Cape Fear Fabric Marked, or other fabric impressed types.


Rarely noted. The only reported examples are from the Mattassee Lake sites on the lower Santee River.

Chronological Position

Early and Middle Woodland periods (ca. 600BC to 500AD).

Primary References

South (1976: 40); Anderson et al. (1982: 280); Caldwell and Waring (1939a, 1939b); Sassaman and Anderson (1990).