Deptford Zoned-Incised Punctate



The type Deptford Zoned Punctated was originally briefly described by Caldwell and McCann (n.d.) in their unpublished draft report on the Deptford site. Sherds with this finish were recovered at the Cal Smoak site (38BM4) along the central Edisto drainage in South Carolina, where a formal description of Deptford Zone-Incised was offered by Anderson et al. (1979:78, 140-141). The ware has been found in good context at the G. S. Lewis site in the northern Coastal Plain of South Carolina, along the middle Savannah River, where the unique zoned red painting was first observed (Sassaman and Anderson 1990:196, 197, 200). Some of the plain and zoned punctated areas on this ware were painted red, and are reminiscent of Gulf Coastal Weeden Island ceramics. Milanich (1971:170-171) has noted that the finish is similar to the Weeden Island type Carabelle Punctated (Willey 1949:425).

Sorting Criteria

Geometric patterns of small punctations bounded by fine incised lines, typically applied near the vessel rim. Plain areas within incised lines may be red painted. Decorations applied while the paste was plastic. Paste characterized by varying amounts of small (0.5-2.0 mm), rounded clear, white, or rose quartz inclusions. Interior finish typically slightly sandy or gritty in texture.


Uncommon. Observed only along Savannah River below the Fall Line, and along the Edisto River.

Chronological Position

Unknown, probably Middle Woodland period (ca. 200-500AD). An occurrence later in the Deptford Phase has been suggested for Deptford Zoned Punctate by both Caldwell and McCann (n.d.) and Milanich (1971). The Deptford Zoned Incised Punctate ware found at Cal Smoak on the Edisto River appears roughly coeval with Deptford Linear Check Stamped sherds at that site (Anderson et al. 1979:74, 140-141). At the G. S. Lewis site on the middle Savannah River there is some suggestion that the finish may date slightly earlier.

Primary References

Caldwell and McCann (n.d., Deptford Zoned Punctated type); Waring and Holder (1968, Brewton Hill Zoned Punctated type); Milanich (1971; Deptford Zoned Punctated type); Anderson et al. 1979:140-141; Sassaman and Anderson 1990:196, 197, 200).


Does this type include the Check + Zoned Incised, like that awesome vessel from Lewis West in your images folder?