Deptford Overview

Check stamped pottery called Deptford is among the most common found in South Carolina (Anderson et al 1996). It was originally named at a site in Savannah and variations on the series appear to extend as far west as Louisiana (Brown 1982). Middle period check stamped pottery is fairly common on the Pee Dee, but does not extend far into North Carolina in either the Coastal Plain or Piedmont. At Minim Island sherds with the same paste featured check stamping, fabric impressions and cord marking. Fabric impressed sherds replaced cord and check stamped wares there after about 200AD.


Middle Period Wares

For about 2,000 years people in South Carolina made ceramics with plain finishes that were either left undecorated or which served as palettes for incising, punctation and other simple decorations. But around 500BC paddles carved with a simple grid motif came into use, giving us check stamped pottery.